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This was the officail website to promote the 2007 Indian film, Om Shanti Om, a retro kind of take on the world of Bollywood itself.
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For Bollywood fans, Om Shanti Om, is available on Netflix and on Youtube.


Aankhon Mein Teri - Om Shanti Om (2007)
In the 1970s, Om, an aspiring actor, is murdered, but is immediately reincarnated into the present day. He attempts to discover the mystery of his demise and find Shanti, the love of his previous life.



Om Prakash Makhija is a Junior Artist in the 1970's hindi film industry, who is in love with actress Shantipriya. Om rescues Shanti from a fire scene where the fire has escaped control, and they become friends. His hopes seems to be coming true, but shortly thereafter he finds out that she is married to a film producer, Mukesh Mehra, and is expecting his child. He then watches in horror as Mukesh, after luring her in an abandoned studio, sets it on fire to prevent a financial loss and protect his career. Om attempts to rescue her in vain, and he eventually is killed. 30 years later, Om has reincarnated as the only son of a Bollywood actor, Rajesh Kapoor, and is himself an actor. His memories start to return when he meets with his widowed mother, Bela, from his previous birth. He also meets with Mukesh and together they decide to make a movie 'Om Shanti Om'. Om then hires a look-alike of Shantipriya, and hopes to force a confession out of Mukesh - but things go awry and Om finds his ...



TomatoMeter CRITICS 75% | AUDIENCE 77%

Love and dreams follow two starry-eyed actors across three decades and two incarnations in this splashy Hindi musical. It's the early '70s, and Om Prakash Makhija (Shah Rukh Khan) is a young would-be actor who has been playing bit parts in Bollywood musicals while looking for his big break. Om's ambition is to become a film star and win the heart of beautiful screen siren Shantipriya (Deepika Padukone), and his pal Pappu (Shreyas Talpade) and his mother, Bela (Kirron Kher), both encourage him not to give up on his dreams. One day, Om meets Shantipriya on a movie set, and he feels as if destiny is finally smiling on him, but when he overhears her having an argument with studio chief Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal), Om senses things are not as they should be. Before Om can decide what to make of his misgivings, the studio burns to the ground, claiming the lives of Om and Shantipriya. Thirty years later, a bit of Om's spirit seems to live on in Om Kapoor (also played by Shah Rukh Khan), a popular film actor with a large ego and a fear of flame who was born the day the old studio burned down. Despite his fame, Om is lonely, at least until he meets Sandhya (also played by Deepika Padukone), a shy but eager would-be actress looking for her chance to become a star. Om Shanti Om was directed and co-written by Farah Khan, who was a top choreographer in the Indian film industry before moving up to the director's chair, and features guest spots from a number of Bollywood's greatest stars, a few appearing in the form of digital recreations taken from films of the '70s.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Directed By: Farah Khan
Written By: Farah Khan, Mushtaq Sheikh, Mayur Puri, Mustaq Sheikh, Mushtaq Shiekh
In Theaters: Nov 9, 2007  Wide
On Disc/Streaming: May 6, 2008

Deewangi Deewangi Om Shanti Om 2007





Nov 9, 2007
Derek Elley Variety  Top Critic
Has a wow factor unequalled by any Hindi film in memory.



Sept 14, 2012
Pic Watch Critic
I totally enjoyed this flick and was stunned by the quality of the acting, script. and the photography. Not a dull moment. The only criticism I had was the seemingly odd introduction of the Batman obsession. Did a Batman t shirt retailer pay for a product placement? I mean I do love Batman and even have several t shirts, but I was a bit surprised to see so much attention paid to the mention of the best place to buy Batman shirts. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge admirer of the Dark Knight and even fantasize about driving a Batmobile, but I'm probably over sensitive to the commercialization of US products. Don't think this in any way makes this a bad review - I totally loved this film the actors and the music!



May 1, 2015 | Rating: 4/5
Khalid Mohamed Hindustan Times
Of the cast, Arjun Rampal is consistently first-rate as the suave villain. And Deepika Padukone is fantastic, so surprisingly assured that you marvel at her poised debut.

Review: Om Shanti Om

Want to celebrate the crunch-popcorn-Manmohan Desai movies of yore? Then you’ve come to the right place. Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om is dedicated to the imperishable magic of the movies, avers Khalid Mohamed. What our surfers say...
Om Shanti Om
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Rampal
Direction: Farah Khan
Rating: ****

Yesterday’s gangsta moll, Bindu, is now bigger than a shopping mall. No one can carry off a suit as sharply as Dharmendra, jackflash like Jeetendra, and hey dude, Mithun Chakraborty is still the disco champ. As for Rekha, guys, ma’am can blow the stockings off any fashion ramp. Drool.

Want to celebrate the crunch-popcorn-Manmohan Desai movies of yore? Then you’ve come to the right place. Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om is dedicated to the imperishable magic of the movies. Flog them or fume over them, but nothing compares to those tickets which make fantasies real. Mmm, that’s entertainment.

Be warned though. You really have to love the matinee madness to go rah-rah at the homages to the classics (like the haystack fire from Mother India), and hello, even larkish lampoons. Govinda, Manoj Kumar, Feroz Khan, Rajnikant, the Bachchans, Yash ‘Swiss’ Chopra, Sooraj Barjatya, are all targets of affectionate humour. Chuckle.

Clearly, the choreographer-director’s zest for the movies is apparent right from the moment, she kicks off with a clip from the Omrao Jaan act performed in Karz (1980). Subhash Ghai is directing , his facial expressions are a laugh riot. Cut, cut, cut, the camera alights on a jazzy junior artiste (Shah Rukh Khan) who’d love to be Chintu baba, Rajesh Khanna, a star! Zoom over to a physically challenged Baby Naaz-type, chasing her brother a la Sacha Jhuta. Yup our wanna-Khanna is among the baraatis. Howlarious.

Of course, there’s no plot. Wanna-Khanna flips for Dreamy Girl (Deepika Padukone) with that Hema Malinesque smile. Baddy movie tycoon (Arjun Rampal) organises a studio fire. Blood, burns, deaths, the works! Oh oh.

Some 30 years later, the wannabe has become Megastar OK, gets these terrible aag-hi-ugh headaches, and vows to exterminate Baddy. In the bargain, he reunites with Lady Malini, Chum Papoo (Shreyas Talpade, nice nice) and Masala Mum (Kirron Kher, ticklishly over the top). All quite easily done. QED.

OSO, so wonderful, the ‘70s are rocking. But the latter-half is a bit of a head clanger. In fact, you want to rush the screenplay to the ICU unit. Oxygen laao! The transitions to the reincarnation stuff are sloppy, insulting to the intelligence of the viewer.

Staggeringly, Apna Om-reborn meets his mum etc as if mythological hero Mahipal had given him a road map. Dame Dreamy pops out of thin air. During the climax, a door is suddenly jammed. Now, that never happen even in the Joginder Singh jamborees.

The finale does drag. Fortuitously, the end credits are marvellous. As in Main Hoon Na, the entire cast and crew shows up for a jig. Brightly photographed, OSO returns the smiley to your face. The dialogue has wit; Vishal-Shekhar’s music is remarkable for the title track and the spoofy six-pack Dard-e-disco. The unqualified piece de resistance, though, is the Naseeb-inspired song-and-dance with the who’s-why of showbiz fetching up to shake a leg. Wah!

Of the cast, Arjun Rampal is consistently first-rate as the suave villain. And Deepika Padukone is fantastic, so surprisingly assured that you marvel at her poised debut.

Above all the enterprise belongs to Shah Rukh Khan, who tackles comedy, high drama and action with his signature style – spontaneous and intuitively intelligent. Six-pack or no-packs, he’s the entertainer of the year in this valentine to the movies - hatched and delivered by Farah Khan. A must for masala movie lovers.


May 1, 2015 | Rating: 3/5
Mark Medley
At almost three hours long the film drags a bit, but you'll have more fun at Om Shanti Om than most of the Hollywood movies released today. Watching it, you can't help but smile.


Jul 6, 2008 | Rating: B-
Bryant Frazer's Deep Focus
Om Shanti Om reaches exuberant musical highs that outshine the melodrama surrounding the set pieces.


May 1, 2015 | Rating: 3/5
Omar Ahmed  Radio Times
With themes of loss and grief delicately handled, this makes for charming viewing.
Writer/director Farah Khan (Main Hoon Na) reverses the recent Bollywood trend towards action and glamour, with this romantic and colourful supernatural romp. India's leading man Shah Rukh Khan stars here alongside newcomer Deepika Padukone in a story of thwarted passion, violence and rebirth that begins in the 1970s. Khan plays Om, a young artist madly in love with superstar actress Shanti (Padukone) But before their love can flourish, Khan meets with an untimely death - only to return years later determined to expose the truth. With themes of loss and grief delicately handled, this makes for charming viewing. Khan excels as the humorous Om while newcomer Padukone proves she has the acting ability to back up her flawless looks.
An actor is killed in a fire in the 1970s, but is reincarnated in the present day. As his memories start to come back, he enters into a film-making project with the man he blames for his death, hoping to force a confession, while also seeking out the love of his past life. Bollywood musical fantasy comedy, starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. In Hindi and Urdu.
Om Prakash Makhija / Om Kapoor Shah Rukh Khan
Shantipriya / Sandy Deepika Padukone
Mukesh Mehra Arjun Rampal
Kamini Bindu
Pappau master Shreyas Talpade
Bela Makhija Kiron Kher
Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan
Salman Khan Salman Khan
Rani Mukherjee Rani Mukherji
Shilpa Shetty Shilpa Shetty
Director Farah Khan




***** Leo L Super Reviewer
Fantastic movie!! Great story plot. Shahrukh Khan gives a stellar performance in this movie about unrequited love and reincarnation. Amazing music, especially with a musical sequence that involves an array of fellow Bollywood actors and actresses! Great movie by Farah Khan. Absolutely love this movie!! Gotta see.



*****Meena F January 25, 2008
Shahrukh was cute as ever



*** ½ Ajay T January 25, 2008
dunno, i guess it's supposed to be a really bad movie, but i kinda liked it.. what can I say! Fun+funny undoubtedly in many parts [if you ask me! :)]


** ½ Sami Q January 25, 2008
High entertainment value but ordinary performances. Overrated movie!


*** ½ Private U  January 25, 2008
Love Deepika Padukone's performance for her first film and of course Vishal- Sekhar's excellent musical score!


***** Iman Z January 24, 2008
Out n Out entertainer...although the storyline ws v.common,it ws presented v.creatively.i liked it a lot....


½* Jason S January 24, 2008
I had to go to toronto to see No Country for Old Men so my local suburban theater could show this shite. ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE or SHITTY THIRD WORLD TRASH???!!!???


***** Ash M January 24, 2008
Abso-fishing-lutely loved this movie!! Don't be mistaken by the glitz and the glamor, my friends. Farah Khan has given the entire gallery of bollywood traditions a nice big slap in the face, one that was well deserved. behind the dances and the cameos and shahrukh's wierdly timed english lines lies a film that makes us look properly at the entire bollywood industry that has surrounded us since forever. this is mostly thanks to its over-the-top parodies, guest-yesteryear stars, and dramatic bgm. and that's not all. Farah has, in my opinion, scored another point with the ending. I disagree with most people who think that the ending was the single unexpected thing of the entire movie. It was terribly expected. And despite that, Farah's attention to detail, Deepika's and Arjun's sudden burst of acting ability, and a SLIGHT hidden twist pulled it off so magnificently, it gave the artist in me shivers.

I'd say another round of applause to Farah, since she managed to fit every Bollywooder and their mother into the camera frame (thus paving the way for more subtly stabbing parodies). The only two actresses noticably missing were Kareena and our darling Aish. I mean, she even managed to get TABU to come out of her hidey-hole, and let's face it, how often does THAT happen?

On Shahrukh: Kudos for the body. Seriously. I wanna be him when I'm old and half dead from smoking, back pain, and ignoring my doctor's advice.

On Deepika: A pretty face who, at first, posseses what must be the deadest set of eyes in Bollywood. Then a third of the way into the movie she really opens up, and is given the key to unlock the variety of emotions that is Shanti.

Shreyas: The perfect best friend. In fact, so perfect, that I barely noticed him. Good job. Moving on.

Arjun: Loved him at the end. Overall he's improving. First few scenes with him were painfully stone-faced, though.

Kiron: Good grief, this woman moves me to tears EVERY FISHING TIME. She caught me as the mother in the earlier half of the movie, and she broke my heart in the second half, where she chases after the car, and onwards. Then her character tries to act, and I fall off my chair laughing. Seriously, woman, marry me.

I don't know why people say this is only for entertainment value. Surely someone else noticed the message that Farah was sending throughout the movie?

Although I AM curious about one thing. Did Farah rope in all these people as favors? Like, "Hey, wanna have a five second cameo in one of my songs?" and they're like "Sure! No charge, it looks like fun!" ? Because it really did look like everyone must've had a blast shooting this. The only alternative I can think of is a budget the size of the entire fishing subcontinent.

P.P.S.: To Shirish Kunder. You probably will never read this, but I'm compelled to say this anyway. Get a moustache. And a testosterone jab. I know I'm the last one to ciriticize femininity, and really, looks shouldn't matter, but with Farah flaunting the natural look, this is becoming a horribly wrong case of "famous celebrity and trophy wife".


½ * Siddharth G January 24, 2008
pathetic movie.. thats all i can say


*** ½  Nishant B  January 24, 2008


*½ Sanchit B  January 24, 2008
The movie starts with Karz's song and it gives you an impression that this movie is all about films, but as the film progresses it seems like a spoof and SRK's overacting in the first half is entertainig but his potrayal as a 24 year old star is a dismal. hats off to his marketing skiils that even an average movie has become an all time blockbuster. his six pack abs are too over done and are a mere marketing gimic so no need to get excited. Arjun, Shreyas and Deepika are good and it seemed like Kirron Kher is the only one who knows how to act. Akshay Kumar is brilliant and the music is good. All in all a one time watch


***** Ashvin D January 24, 2008
Original and entertaining - Farah Khan keeps getting better! With very good representation the 1970's, with details being cared of. Add spices of humour, love, faith, star-power and of course good music... and you get the biggest blockbuster of 2007!


*****Varuni W January 23, 2008
Excellent movie.........


***** Tasha P January 23, 2008
the movie was great,an the music was beautiful.


* Hajer A January 23, 2008

this movie was bad even for bollywood! very dissapointed in sharukhan i must say for this one! there's cheezy and then there's this movie! didnt like the music, the dancing, the acting, the story. nothing!


IMBd User Review

Just Fantastic!!!

25 December 2007 | by The_Jihadi

If you sit to watch a typical Bollywood Commercial masala movie, Leave your brains behind. Om Shanti Om is one such film that entertains you in every aspect.

Om Shanti Om is the story of the Indian Film World. It is the story of a Junior Artist (Extra) Om Prakash Makhija (Shah Rukh Khan) who dreams to become a superstar one day. He is madly in love with Shanti Priya (Deepika Podukone) who is a super star and she is in love with a film producer Mukesh Ahuja (Arjun Rampal). Mukesh after learning this fact that Shanti is pregnant with his child and his most ambitious project will come to hold if he marries her, He kills her. This whole event is witnessed by Shanti's good friend and her secret lover Om. Even Om dies in that tragic accident while trying to save Shanti. Mukesh runs to Hollywood and get's married there a multi-millionaire's daughter.

But destiny has a total different story to tellÂ… Om is reborn again after 30 years as a Super Star Om Kapoor (Shah Rukh Khan) and the destiny makes om meets Sandy (Deepika Podukone) who is a look alike of Shanti Priya. Om and Sandy make a plan to trap Mukesh who comes back to India after 30 years to make a film with Om. The evil get's punished and the truth wins forms the rest of the film.

Technically the film is just brilliant. It shows on the screen the amount of money that has been spent into the making. The sets are glossy and breath taking. The camera work is just superb. The editing is fantastic and crispy. Musically a very decent and a good effort. Especially the song where all the 31 stars perform is a treat to watch for. The story and direction by Farah Khan is very good.

Performance wise the film belongs to King Khan Shah Rukh Khan all the way. New girl Deepika Podukone is the next superstar. It did not seem at all that she is a new actress and this is her First Film. Arjun Rampal was awesome in the negative role. Kirron Kher was really good once again. Shreyas Talpade was again very good. He gets an equal footage with Shah Rukh to perform.

For those who go for Artistic Cinema, This film is strictly not for them. But those who need Full Time Pass, Om Shanti Om is the real good choice. Here the Film Maker is trying to fool you, But in return they are offering you a Glossy Dream of 2 hours. So if you are looking for a Roller Coaster ride of Entertainment, Go for Om Shanti Om!